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We have written up this Privacy Policy as we are determined to make you feel safe and secure while you shop on Privacy and security of our customers are of our highest priority and we are committed to conforming to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. The headings used throughout this privacy policy are included purely for your convenience and do not limit or affect this privacy policy.

We take your privacy extremely seriously and we want you to be sure that we take every effort to ensure the private data you share with us remains safe and secure. 

Within this Privacy Policy, you will find information regarding how we gather, utilises, keep up and reveal data gathered from users (each, a “user” referred to as ‘you’) of the (“website”) and stores. The protection strategy of this privacy policy applies to this Website (, stores and all items and administrations offered by us.


This website is reviewed and updated regularly and the content of the entire website, individual pages or individual products may change from time to time. We retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy without prior notice at any time. By using this website we assume that with every visit to this website you check and become familiar with the up to date Privacy Policy, which will always be accessible on this page. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any change to this Privacy Policy and/or your failure to become familiarised with this Privacy Policy.


We gather individual recognisable proof data from users in an assortment of ways, including, but not limited to, when users visit our website, register on our website, attempt to contact us via the “Contact” page, put in a request, buy into the bulletin, review a product, react to a review, round out a structure, and regarding different exercises, administrations, highlights or assets we make accessible on our website and in-store.

We might ask users (depending on the individual action the user is attempting) to provide us with theirs, as is fitting, names, email address, delivery information, billing information, telephone numbers, and credit/debit card data such as the card number, cardholder name, expiry date, and the CVV security number (which are relevant when making an instalment for merchandise).

We will gather individual distinguishing proof data from users just in the event that they deliberately submit such data to us. Users can generally decline to supply such information however this might keep users from taking part in certain website-related exercises.

Non-personal: We gather non-individual recognisable proof data about Users at whatever point they connect with our website. Non-individual distinguishing proof data may incorporate the 

The specific browser the user is using, the kind of personal computer the user is using and specialised data about user methods and means of associating and accessing our website, for example, the working framework (your personal computers/devices operating system) and the Internet specialist organisations (your internet provider) used and other comparable data. 


You directly provide us with most of the data that we collect, with your permission. In particular, you provide us with individual recognisable proof data, described in section 1, by typing in your personal data into appropriate text fields. Users do this, amongst other actions when users visit our website, register on our website, attempt to contact us via the “Contact” page, put in a request, buy into the bulletin, review a product, react to a review, round out a structure, and regarding different exercises, administrations, highlights or assets we make accessible on our website and in-store. We also collect your personal data if users voluntarily complete a customer survey or provide any feedback via the product reviews or email. 

Our website utilises “cookies” to improve the user experience on this website. Cookies are text files placed on your personal computer or another personal electronic device to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information. When you visit our website we automatically collect information from you through cookies or similar technologies, unless your browser preferences prevent this. They are widely used to “remember” you and your preferences, either for a single visit (through a “session cookie”) or for multiple repeat visits (using a “persistent cookie”). They ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors and perform essential functions such as allowing users to register and remain logged in. 

You can set your internet browser to decline cookies, or to caution you when cookies are being sent. In the event that you do so, please be advised that some features of this website may not work for you as we would expect.

Required cookies are essential for our website and services to perform basic functions and are necessary for us to operate certain features. These include those required to allow registered users to authenticate and perform account related functions, store preferences set by users such as account name and ensure our services are operating properly. Analytic and performance cookies allow us to optimise performance by collecting information on how users interact with our website, including which pages are visited most, as well as other analytical data. We use these details to improve how our websites function and to understand how users interact with our website.

We highly recommend that your cookies be enabled. Most internet browsers are set to allow cookies with standard settings by default. If your browser does not automatically enable cookies we recommend you to enable cookies as failure to do so might result in the presentation or functionality of this website being affected 


We collect your data to give you the best possible customer experience. We collect and use Users personal information for a variety of reasons. We collect users data to help us provide and improve customer service. The data users provide us with, ensures we can respond to users requests or queries regarding our services or our products. This data ensures we can provide you with the best possible customer assistance. We also use your data to personalise the user experience as by providing user data we can understand how our users use our website and how they interact with our website. Such understanding is also required to improve our services and ultimately improve user experience and satisfaction. We use such data to run surveys, advertising campaigns, contests or promotions on our website or via various online-based social platforms. With your prior permission, we may also send various information regarding subjects which may be of interest to users. We use your data to ensure your account and our business is safe from fraudulent and/or illegal activities by other individuals. We process your data to promote our business s well as our brands and products. 

We use the data that the user provides during the checkout phase of your purchase to ensure we are able to fulfil the order. Likewise, when you are inputting your payment details, regardless of the type of payment you choose, we and our partners use this data to pay for your order, which ensures we can fulfil the order. We will never share such personal and private information with any other third party except to the extent necessary to provide the service. If you are paying using a third-party payment provider such as Stripe or PayPal, the transaction is subject to the privacy policy of such provider.

Similarly to other businesses, when clients visit other websites we may use advertising technology such as cookies to show clients our advertisement. None of our advertisements are specifically pinpointed to you specifically. Instead, you might see our advertisements as you match up with our target market or your browsing history matches up with criteria that makes you an individual that may potentially be interested in our services. We may use specific advertising services provided by specific platforms such as Facebook. Personalised advertisements may be shown to the user based on the data we or the specific platform hold on the user. To prevent personalised advertisements we recommend that you alter your browsers cookie preferences. Please see section 2 for more information about disabling cookies. 


We collect your data when you visit our website, when you register and create your Joevany account, purchase our products with a Joevany account, purchase our products as a guest, purchase our products in any way, shape or form, when you interact with us on social media platforms, when you contact us by any means for any reason, when you interact with our website by leaving reviews or interacting with reviews, when you have given a third-party permission to share your data with us, we collect your data from freely accessible sources when you have given your permission to share data or where the data is disclosed as an issue of law, when you voluntarily enter competitions or complete our surveys and when you interact with this company or the staff of this company whether online or otherwise for any reason and at any time.


We make every effort to ensure your data is stored and kept safely without unauthorised third parties accessing the data we hold on you. 

We will hold any necessary information we hold on you for as long as is necessary or for the duration of time when you have an account with us or if you have made a purchase with us in the past. We hold this information on you for as long as we see necessary to provide the user with support and customer care. For example, if your purchase includes a warranty we hold your personal data for the duration of the warranty. When your data is no longer necessary for us to ensure you have the best experience when interacting with our company or the staff of this company, we will permanently delete your data or it will be anonymised. The purpose of anonymising users data is to help us with our business planning and such data will be grouped with the data of other anonymous users.

You have the right to request copies of the data we hold on you and we will be happy to do so. We may charge a fee for this service. You have the right of rectification which means that we are happy to correct any inaccurate or incorrect data that we may hold on you. You have the right of erasure which means you can request for us to delete your data, under certain conditions. Should you wish to have this information permanently delete or to see what data we hold on you we ask you to get in contact with us instructing us to delete your data. You have the right to restrict processing which means you have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data, under certain conditions. You have the right object to processing which means you can object to the processing of your personal data, under certain conditions. You have the right to data portability which means if requested we can transfer the data we have collected on you to another organisation, or directly to you, under certain conditions. This may be done only after we receive an unambiguous and written request to do so on your behalf. 

If you wish to exercise any of your rights please do this by sending us an email to or by using the “Contact Us” form via the “Contact” page. 

Please be aware that if we delete user information regarding purchase history then we may not be able to assist users with any future customer care. Any access to the data we hold on you is restricted and only the staff that need access to your data and are authorised are given access.

Private data that you share with us for the purpose of payment for your order is always encrypted with secure socket layer (SSL) technology. This means that any private information you enter is encrypted and used only to carry out your transaction. 


We will never send you any data without your prior permission except if you have mentioned it, or except if somebody, who we will identify, has mentioned that we give that data to you. You may choose to receive data via email, internet-based media, telephone calls or SMS private messages. Only with your permission will we ever send you data via the above methods except in the case where your knowledge of a particular situation is necessary, for example, crucial knowledge when it comes to your online order that we must communicate to you to avoid misunderstandings, to avoid  misinforming the user or to inform the user of issues that may have arisen.  

We send users emails informing of various actions performed by the user. Such emails are as follows: New Order email, Cancelled Order emails, Failed  Order emails, Order On-Hold email emails, Processing Order emails, Completed Order emails, Refunded Order emails, Customer Invoice / Order Details emails, Customer Note emails, Reset Password emails and New Account emails. We consider these emails necessary for the user and these will only be sent to the user if the related action has been carried out by the user. For example, if you choose to register and create an account with us you will be sent the New Account email.

If we believe that your order is fraudulent or your personal private details have been compromised we will contact you to ensure the order is not fraudulent. If we are unable to do so we may have to take further action by contacting law enforcement or a banking provider to confirm that the user has legitimately made the order. This will most likely force us to share your data with the appropriate third party 


We will never share or sell your private information with any third party or company, unless specifically requested, in writing by you.

 We will have to share your email address, telephone number and address, provided by the user during the checkout process, with our courier services such as UPS, DPD or An Post. These companies will be responsible for ensuring your order will be delivered to you safely and as scheduled. We must share this information with our courier service company to enable them to do so. 

We may have to share your data with third-party services that are essential for us to run our business, such as our IT consultants. We may share your data with digital marketing companies. We may share your data with various platforms such as Facebook to show users products that may possibly interest them. This is done via various technological technologies such as cookies. For such advertising purposes, we may share your data with such third parties. Please see section 2 for more information regarding cookies and section 3 for more details regarding personalised advertisements.   

If governmental agencies request data to be provided to them we will have no choice but to comply. If An Garda Síochána (Irish police force) or any other law enforcing agency requests data to be made available to them we must share such data as is necessary. 

If we believe that your order is fraudulent or your personal private details have been compromised we will contact you to ensure the order is not fraudulent. If we are unable to do so we may have to take further action by contacting law enforcement or a banking provider to confirm that the user has legitimately made the order. This will most likely force us to share your data with the appropriate third party 


In some instances, we may have to transfer your data from your country of residence to another. When you submit your details to us you agree to the transfer, storage and processing of your data outside of your country of residence. 

Our website contains links to third party websites, purely in the interest of your convenience. You visit these websites at your own risk as we do not have any control over the content of these websites. Third-party websites have their own Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. While visiting third party websites you are bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of that website and not the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of this website. We highly recommend all users visiting third party websites to review that websites Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before interacting with such website. 


With your usage of this website, you accept this Privacy Policy. Should you not agree with this Privacy Policy please do not use this website and if you have already created a Joevany Account please contact us immediately. Please also unsubscribe from any mailing list. We assume that with your use of this website and your acceptance of our emails, following the posting of any changes to this Privacy policy that you accept and acknowledge this Privacy Policy and those changes.


In the event that you feel the need to contact us with queries regarding this Privacy Policy or with any other query please contact us here or use the below details to get in touch with us. 

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