About Joevany and Our Story


Welcome to the Joevany online store. We are a family company that is based in the gorgeous Killarney, County Kerry in Ireland. 

Our story begins in late 2012 when we opened our first store Joevany Leather Goods. Since then we offer all customers leather products of the highest quality such as leather handbags, briefcases, messengers, belts, wallets & purses, slippers, gloves and many smaller and larger accessories. We offer high-quality handcrafted leather goods, crafted in Ireland, Italy and other countries. 

To the core, at Joevany we are truly passionate about leather and are a leather company. We believe that it is a material that can last a lifetime and products made of leather are simply fantastic quality and value for money. We also believe that this quality should not come at an unimaginable cost to the customer, unlike most of our competitors. However we do acknowledge that some customers may not want leather and for those customers, we also offer a variety of artificial leather products, mainly handbags or wallets, that satisfy our customers due to the impressive quality of such products.

We also offer a variety of travel products such as luggage or other accessories. Our assortment includes cabin size luggage, backpacks and other accessories that are made from the most modern, durable and high-quality materials.

With time, customers began to notice what difference quality can make when it comes to handbags, belts or wallets. They began to trust that our products are nothing short of the highest quality. Year after year customers come back to us in-store to tell us how much of a difference our products are making to them. 

Countless ladies have praised our leather handbags for their durability, water resistance or simply their style. Our purses and wallets are praised due to their vivid bright colours that are easy to find in the handbag and have lasted for years and years. Gentlemen praise our products for their durability and hard-wearing. Instead of buying a belt every odd month, this gentleman had this particular belt, for years and has returned to get more as Christmas gifts for his family. It is these customers that truly put a smile on our faces. When we are in-store listening to these customers about their experiences with our products, it is an incredible feeling and it makes running the show truly worth it. 

In early 2019 we opened our second store Joevany Bags and Travel in the Killarney Outlet Centre. With this store, we wanted to take a slightly different yet similar approach. This shop took all the values of Joevany Leather Goods and expanded on them with a keen interest in bags and travel, as the name would suggest. In this shop, you will find a much bigger selection of non-leather handbags and a much-improved selection of luggage and travel products. We also expanded on our selection of various other products such as our clutch bags. This shop is perfect for those who prefer a non-leather product. With hundreds of  handbag designs from Irelands most well-known brands, customers can be assured they will definitely find something that will complement their looks. Here you will also experience, what we believe to be the biggest selection of clutch bags in Kerry. Before this store, many customers explained that they could never find a proper clutch bag that will match the desired colour. We have also looked in many a store and none from what we have experienced, have such a selection of quality clutch bags. Now Joevany Bags and Travel is the main shop in Killarney and Kerry for customers trying to find that perfect shade of bag to match the outfit and complete the look. With over 150 styles and colours, customers can be sure that they will find that perfect clutch. 

With many brands of luggage come many designs, shapes and sizes. Here you can most definitely find the suitcase that is your perfect size, shape and colour. Whether it is a cabin size for Aer Lingus or a check-in for American Airlines you will most definitely find the suitcase perfect for you. 

Now we are expanding to the online world. In early 2021, we have redesigned our website to make it look more intuitive and make it easy to use for customers. Here you will find most of our products available in-store and going shopping at Joevany has never been easier. The expert service you expect in-store remains online and our team are ready to answer any and all questions you may have, all it takes is a quick email or message! 

We have a passion for quality and we will stop at nothing to provide our customers with only the best quality, style and service. 


The Joevany Team