about us

The Joevany brand has been created with love.

Joevany has been created to share our love for the highest quality leather products. Our products have original design and are made with fine cuts of leather that can surely be called timeless.

We understand how hard it is to create a universal look but with our products your style will most certainly look complete.

We are a leather company which is truly passionate about leather. We believe, it is a material that can last a lifetime and those products made out of leather are simply fantastic. 

We offer all customers leather products of the highest quality such as leather handbags, briefcases, messengers, belts, wallets & purses, slippers, gloves and many more smaller and larger accessories. 

We offer high-quality handcrafted leather goods which are made not only in Ireland but also in countries such as Italy or Spain.

We want our products to serve you for years and years for you to look amazing!

We want Joevany products to accompany you on both, every-day outings and special occasions. This is why our products are designed to match any outfits and we believe that timeless beauty is what you need to feel fabulous!

The expert service you expect in-store remains online and our team is always ready to assist you with any queries you may have.